Can’t You Plan Baby’s Sex??

Unfortunately for the women of Afghanistan they are women rather than men. As anyone familiar with how babies are conceived knows, it takes a man and a  woman to make a little human. In theory, ten years ago the Taliban and their oppressive laws regarding women were beaten and women supposedly had a new birth of freedom. That assumption is not always an accurate one. Afghan women continue to be oppressed and beaten in post Taliban Afghanistan.

A woman named Estorai repeatedly told relatives that her husband was upset due to her conceiving a girl rather than a male baby. Of course, she did not “conceive” the baby, it was a joint enterprise with her angry husband. After giving birth to a new little girl, the woman faced certain consequences. A neighbor found her body where it lay due to being strangled by the angry husband. Police discovered hubby and his mom jointly planned the murder of his wife so he could get another wife.

What if it turns out he can only pass on girl genes? Will his mom strangle him?