Capitalism In Action-Death!

A fundamental belief of the Republican party is that any interference in the right of job creators engaging in job creation will lead to the demise of society. “The government” impedes these noble men and women from accumulating  wealth and thus creating wealth for those who are poor. A building in Bangladesh housed five garment factories which employed over 3,000 people. Failure of “the government” to fulfill its obligations to those who work for a living resulted in numerous violations of safety which resulted in collapse of the building. The latest figure is that 900 human beings have died. Their crime was to be poor, their crime was to need a job, regardless of safety conditions.

I doubt if any Republican in Congress would make the slightest connection between these deaths and failure to control job creators. If “the government” had met its responsibilities to those who work rather than been concerned about those with wealth, hundreds would be alive today. The bottom line in capitalism is-MONEY! And, money for job creators, not for those who make job creators wealthy.