I live in a capitalist nation. Or, to be specific, I live in a Capitalist America in which Republican Party ideas reflect an interpretation of that concept.

1. In capitalist America millions of cars enter cities in order to spread pollution. The Bill of Rights gives them that right.

2. I have a right not to sell my house to one of “those people!”

3. Ending food vans delivering food to elderly disabled people saves money for tax cuts. Let the old geezers crawl!

4. Higher taxes on middle class people helps America. It forces them to work harder for less pay, isn’t that what capitalism is all about?

5. People demonstrate for the right to life of unborn children but deny it to those who had the misfortune to get born.

6. In capitalist America the goal is to elect those who believe the wealthy are the chosen people of God.

7. Poor people who get involved with drugs go to jail. Rich people who get involved with drugs go see a psychologist.

8. The government is supposed to bail out banks and Wall Street, if you fail, tough luck. Next time open a bank.

9. Business has a Constitutional right to use public lands for drilling. It says so in the Bill of Rights.

10. No millionaire in the 20th century was ever sent to death for a crime.