Capitalists Are New Gods!

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, there were political parties all over the world, particularly in the US or Australia or England which were committed to pass laws that would control the wealth of the upper five percent. Alas, that was then, today is now. Australia has witnessed the rise of billionaires and now there are at least 29 which means there are now 29 people who believe their wealth enables them to decide what transpires in the nation. It is one thing to blare the horn of your Rolls Royce, another to use money in order to influence public policy. Mining barons in Australia used their money to get rid of one prime minister and to make certain there were few laws that incresed taxes on their wealth.

Clive Palmer, who intends to build another Titanic is also committed to use money to control his government. He thunders against the CIA working with Green environmentalists in order to damage efforts to safe the environment. In Australia, the top 1% now control 12% of the nation’s wealth, and their goal is to attain the US rate where the top 1% control 18% of the wealth.

Oh, to inhabit a land in which money talks.