Capture Kony?

Joseph Kony is a thug, a murderer, an exploiter of children and a rapist. The recent video depicting his campaign of horror and abuse of children has been seen by over a 100 million people all over the world. There is now clamor to get the bastard, but that would entail violence and this man is ready to use “his children” to protect himself. Radhika Woomaraswary, UN representative who has been working to save the children fears “military actions may mean they(children) would be harmed, injured or die.”

This is a tough one. Most probably the best solution is to allow SEAL type groups to seek him out and quietly get rid of this petty tyrant. Any massive action will only result in the death of many children. Unfortunately, such video programs allow people to get a moment of anger, and then they return to follow the ideas of people like Ron Paul who don’t give a damn about those who are oppressed.

Since Rick Santorum is in daily contact with God shouldn’t he be consulted in order to enlist the Big Guy up in the sky?