Captured Al-Qaeda Memo Reveals Fatigue

An Al-Qaeda document, which apparently was written in the summer of 2007, reveals growing fatigue and loss of morale on the part of insurgents. They complain about “we lost the cities, and afterwards villages.. We find ourselves in a wasteland.” They recognize their tactics have angered ordinary citizens in Iraq who are tired of suicide attacks that kill innocent civilians and the memo also suggests too many insurgents want to go on suicide missions rather than fight. It is now much more difficult to move around Iraq because local groups are prepared to fight and civilians will provide information to the police. The presence of Iraq militia units has become a great hindrance to al-Qaeda.

The document reveals in blatant terms that it took George Bush six years to finally figure out how to fight against terrorism. “Through the last four years, the crusaders learned from their mistakes.” From the moment Bush ordered the ill-advised invasion of Iraq he was told by numerous people, including the British government, not to disbland the Iraq army and to draw upon existing military and police in order to maintain order. He rejected that advice and as a result thousands of American soldiers have died as well as hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. Al-Qaeda could have been halted from day one if only Bush had paid attention to those who knew something about fighting terrorists. But, the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld trio thought they knew more than anyone else. Their arrogance of power brought on the devastation that hit Iraq.