Care For Tea?

The Tea Party emerged in 2010  leading a pack of wolves who intended to devour  any and all obstacles in their path of fiscal reductions and ending all this blather about women rights. Tea Party stalwarts forced several moderate Republican  candidates to end senate runs leaving the field wide open for nutcases to emerge. In solid Republican states like  Indiana or Missouri the idiot Tea Party candidate who argued that women can shut down having a baby or that a child from a rapist is simply God’s gift to  all women wound up losing to a Democrat who lacked any chance of winning.

The 2012 election proved that as long as Tea Party fools are calling the shots as to who runs for the US Senate, members of the Democratic party can sleep with ease. Republicans have to decide as to whether they seek to become a national party or become the party of anti-abortion, anti-contraceptives, anti, anti, anti.

Oh, I forgot. Tea Party folk want to cut taxes and reduce our debt. I will gladly  join the Tea Party if they can assist my efforts to have less money and speed up paying off my debts. Care for some tea? Yes, sign me up and  end my debt problems!!