Care To Arrest A Prime Minister?

Nations throughout the world are furious at the Israel government for initiating the murder of a Hamas leader who was in Dubai. The police chief of Dubai said, “I have presented the Dubai prosecutor with a request for the arrest of (Prime Minister Benjamin(Netanyahu and the head of Mossad.” Other nations like Great Britain and France are upset because Israeli agents used passports from people in their countries to carry out one of the most botched up and incompetent assassinations in modern history. One sometimes wonders if Benjamin Netanyahu pays any attention to the fact the world seeks peace in the Middle East, not the three stooges running wild.

In my youth, efficient groups like Murder Incorporated would send for some nice Jewish or Italian hit men from Cleveland or Detroit to rub someone out in Chicago or New York. All they needed was one or two guys and hit men certainly did not go around in disguise. For God’s sake, they are hit men not the Marx Brothers!