Care To Buy A Slave?

A few months ago, the student association, Halland Nation, decided to hold a slave auction and being good old fashioned racists went ahead and blackened bodies and placed chains on them. OK, so they used expressions like “nigger” and a few other words most black skinned folk do not like, but it was all in fun. Or was it? I have a hunch this group of students would like nothing more than to have a few black skinned slaves around who would do their work.

The issue is whether one has a right to be a bigot and make inappropriate remarks? Many human rights groups urged prosecution of these students. Frankly, we believe all humans have the rights to be bigots or ignorant as long as they do not do bodily harm to another. I lived in an era in which Jews constantly heard anti-Semitic remarks. I can handle the remarks, it is the Holocaust that    no one can handle.

Just remember the bigot today may one day be the person who endures bigotry!