Care To Kolobasti With Any Woman?

A man was walking past a cafe owned by Turkish immigrant Alaaddi Can when he noticed the man choking or kicking his wife. The passerby quickly contacted police in the New Zealand town of Haweri who then rushed to the cafe. They arrested the Turkish immigrant despite his claims that wife and he were simply doing the traditional dance of kolobasti which entails mock wrestling, hitting, chocking and kicking of the woman by the man. His wife insisted Alladdi WAS dancing and not assaulting her, but this simply brought a sneer from the judge who termed the man a wife beater and rejected any defense as simply “a lie.” This incident got me thinking about other mock assaults:

1. Any Fox News report about anything is undoubtedly a mock report that has nothing to do with reality and is simply, “a lie.”

2. Republican senator “holds” on spending are simply mock assaults on our intelligence since they emanate from men and women who voted for every bill proposed by former president George Bush. Face it, any claim to be concerned about spending from a Republican is simply, “a Lie.”

3. President Obama defense of bills that violate civil liberties is simply a mock display of the Constitutional law he used to teach.