Caroline Kennedy For The Senate!

Each day another of Barack Obama’s selections is presented and, invariably, it is a person who has years of experience and has been actively engaged in politics. The dream of the Obama election was not only would those who possess “experience” be heading government, but those with diverse “experience” would also be part of the mix. The new century requires a combination of those with experience and those whose experience allows them to see the present and future through new eyes. Caroline Kennedy has thrown her hat into the ring and will seek the US Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton. At first glance, many will argue why Caroline Kennedy? Does her experience compare with those who have been congressmen for years? The answer is quite clear, Caroline Kennedy offers a fresh perspective and is one who does not represent the interests of any special group. She will be a breath of fresh air by allowing those in their forties to put forth a new vision for

Caroline Kennedy has written about constitutional issues, she has been actively engaged in the field of education, and she certainly has lived the world of politics from day one of her life. Some will claim she is a celebrity. Yes, she is. But, she would represent the arrival in Congress of individuals who are truly independent in their thinking. And, she certainly knows where Russia is without looking out of her window!