Carrey Cold Dead Hands!

The National Rifle Association is to intelligent discussion what Adolf Hitler was to intelligent discussion regarding the Jewish question. Actor Jim Carrey has enough of the blond haired cute nonsense speaking heads on Fox News so he put on a comedy show to have fun. Of course, it is easy to understand why Fox News and the NRA are upset, his comedy appeared to be funnier than what they perform every day of the year. Carry had a video in which he portrays Lonesome Earl, a country western singer performing a track entitled, “Cold Hand Dead.” He poked fun at now dead, and happy, Charlton Heston, former head of the NRA. IN the video, Heston shoots off his own foot.

I do not recall that brave freedom loving Charlton Heston ever fought for the United States of America in any war. He, like most on Fox News, displays incredible bravery mocking real heroes like John Kerry and Chuck Hagel who risked their lives defending our nation.

As Carrey responded to Fox News attacks on him: “I sincerely believe that in time Fox News will be remembered as nothing more than a giant culture fart.” Amen.