Cartoon Wars Resume In Indonesia

There is a section of the Muslim community in this world which devotes its days to prayer and contemplation about who is drawing cartoons that depict the Prophet Mohammad. It is quite clear the Prophet Mohammad spend a great deal of his time worrying about the crime of drawing cartoons. There are even incidents during battles against Christian forces in which the Muslim army halted, inspected cartoons drawn by their enemy, and then aroused by a fury of anger, swept through the enemy and burned every darn cartoon they could find. The Danish intelligence agency, PET send operatives to Indonesia in order to question terrorist leader Abdullah Sonata concerning his plans to blow up the Danish embassy in Jakarta in retaliation for the printing of cartoons several years ago.

In life, one should have causes to fight for and die for, so what better cause than the drawing of cartoons. OK, so millions of Muslims lack food or live in countries governed by corrupt leaders, so what! The only way to give their lives meaning is to kill each and every last cartoonist who dared to print a cartoon which depicted the Prophet Mohammad.