Cartoons, No, Dead People, Yes

One could see him walking with his two daughters, aged three and two, and a smile on his face as they danced on the grass. He had studied sports therapy at a college in the United Kingdom, but now in Sweden, there was a struggle for work and meaning to his life. He had discussed with his wife a desire to get married again and she agreed with the presence of a second wife in the household. But, at night fury at living among the infidels, living among people whose newspapers printed cartoons which mocked the Prophet. How could a good Muslim such as himself allow such terror to be inflicted on the people of his faith. Oh, there was brutality in nations like Egypt which refused to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to be free, but that was a Muslim nation and any true believer knows Muslim nations can kill or oppress, but that was different from western societies which printed cartoons. After all, when it reaches Heaven they will ask what he did about the cartoons.

So, this, as yet, unnamed man blew himself up in Stockholm. Fortunately, he was an incompetent suicide bomber and only one person died. There was little damage to the area, but he is dead. And, two little girls will not longer see their father who is somewhere, but where that locale is, simply is unknown.