Cast The First Stone

As children we studied about our ancestors who lived thousands of years ago during the Stone Age. I have images of men and women with stone clubs in their hands who swing them at animals or even at enemy humans. I now assume the Stone Age has passed, but to some clerical leaders of Iran Iran, the old days were the best days. Of course, they argue modern humans must adhere to precepts of life when the Prophet Muhammad was living. This argument creates problems for me. Muhammad certainly did not ride in cars or fly in planes. We have no idea of his reaction to the Internet or modern movies. But, to Iranian leaders, their government must do just as was done hundreds of years ago. Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, a 43 year old mother of two is sentenced to be stoned. Originally, the sentence stemmed from her alleged adultery and when the media picked up the story it created a storm of protest throughout the world. Suddenly, Iranian police announced Ms. Ashtiani was also connected to the murder of her husband.

Thousands are protesting in Paris and many cities in the European Union. Iran’s government now says a court is reviewing the sentence. Given the mentality of sick clerics who run the nation of Iran, it is simply a matter of time before she is dead. The real question is who will cast the first stone to kill her. How about President Ahmadinejad as the stone thrower?