Catalina Clouser-An American Story?

Catalina Clouser is a nineteen year old mother of a five week child. She and a friend decided to head for a park where they could smoke marijuana. For some reason, she placed the baby on top of her car while they were engaged with the pot. Catalina, got back in her car and drove away, with baby sleeping on top. She halted at an intersection, the baby fell off and she drove off. For some strange reason, this young lady was arrested for child endangerment. After leaving the police station, Catalina had two more bowels of pot.

Her story is really the story of modern America. Rich folk smoke pot to their heart’s content, they have absolutely no concern for  poor people, for those lacking health insurance, for those who cannot pay the mortgage. The only important  value in their lives is lower taxes. The more money they have, the better they feel. If someone is homeless, let them purchase a home. We have a wealthy class which smokes the pot of arrogance and disregard for other humans.

Unfortunately, although Catalina was arrested, our wealthy criminals never will be!