Catching The Yankee Bug!

During the recent American League playoffs New York Yankee bats went silent as the silence that now pervades American forests which are witnessing growing devastation of our timber lands. Based on a secret report it is now possible to reveal the reason why men who make millions decided to swing in futility at little baseballs. The New York Yankees were infected by a secret group of Mitt Romney agents in order to prove that due to Barack Obama even our baseball players were going down the drain.

It is not surprising the Detroit Tigers also caught the Yankee bug. We await a Mitt Romney speech in which the Democratic party will be charged with destroying the Detroit Tiger baseball team with the aid of foreign born New York Yankee athletes. Mitt knows the Obama/Yankee coalition destroyed the  Detroit auto industry and if not for the forceful actions by Mitt himself, there would not be any auto industry remaining in America.

Vote for Mitt, vote against the New York Yankees, vote against foreign born Obama who wants to destroy every aspect of Detroit from autos to baseball!