Cathie Black And Politics Of Arrogance

Mayor Bloomberg of New York is a wealthy man who has a few billion dollars which, in this day and age, that qualifies him to do anything he desires. In modern America, possession of wealth is equivalent to being able to handle any position of power. There are rumors, the mayor may decide to become manager of the New York Mets. The Mets are located in New York, he is the mayor of New York, therefore, he is the most qualified New Yorker to manage a baseball team. After all, he is a superb manager who accumulated billions, the Mets need a superb manager– the choice is obvious.

The mayor has selected Cathie Black, who has never taught a day in her life, has never been involved in any education activity, and whose children have never attended a public school class in their lives, to head the New York City public schools. Bloomberg’s argument is if an individual is able to manage magazines, she is able to manage schools. By that line of reasoning, I await Ms.Black being appointed Attorney General of the United States. Yes, it is important to have an effective manager of public schools, but it is also important to have someone with ideas as to how education should be handled in the coming decades. I assume Billy Gates hires people who know something about technology and would not hire an individual who headed a soap company to take over Microsoft.