Cathie Black, Sarah Palin Of Education

Cathie Black is a former business executive and a close social friend of Mayor Bloomberg of New York. The former Chancellor of New York City schools resigned so, naturally, Bloomberg reached out to his friend and asked her to become head of the school system. As a child, she never attended a public school, her children have never attended a public school, she has never studied the field of education, she has never taught a day in her life, but, to Mike Bloomberg, how could one find a better candidate? I doubt if businessman Bloomberg asks a female friend who is principal of an elementary school to assume control over one of his main departments.

Ms. Black recently met with a group of parents who expressed concern over crowded schools. After pondering their request, the brilliant new leader of the school system, replied with a request to the parents –“have you tried birth control?” She met with another group of parents who were concerned about the choices open to their children about which type of school they could attend, and “Sarah” oops Cathie Black suggested the problem was a “Sophie’s Choice” referring to the movie in which a Jewish woman is told by a German officer she can decide which of her two children will live and which will die. Yes, my love, if you don’t get to attend the school for the arts it is equivalent to death.

Bloomberg, do you have any such brilliant people to appoint to important positions in government?