Catholic Agency Denies Gay RightsTo Adopt

The Catholic Church has taken a strong stand against gays and lesbians as parents and this results in Catholic groups which work to assist in the adoption of children to face a moral dilemma. Should a Catholic adoption agency allow a gay or lesbian parent to adopt a child? Catholic Care in England was told it must allow gay and lesbians as clients seeking to adopt children, but the Church says it can not engage in such activities. The Catholic agency informed a high court if they moved to open their lists to gays and lesbians it would be the end of donations to support their work. This is an interesting moral dilemma. A fundamental question is whether God gives a damn if gays and lesbians exist and does He welcome them as those who believe in His words? I have a hunch as God wanders the Universe, there must be life forms of such varied descriptions and practices that gay or lesbian orientations are no problem.

I wonder if the Pope or any priests really have contact with God on this matter. Funny, throughout human history there have been gays and lesbians so somehow the existence of this sexual way of life must be NORMAL.

My question to Catholic Care: Which couple would you take as a prospective parent for a child: (a) a couple that is alcoholic, into drugs, attends church every Sunday or (b) a gay and lesbian couple that has no record of such addictions and goes to church every Sunday?