Catholics For Right To Decide Emerges In Mexico

In Spanish, the name is, Catolicas por el Derecho a Decidr, a group of Mexican Catholics who believe women in their nation have the right to decide whether or not to have children. They have adopted an unusual position by insisting that abortion is in accordance with the doctrine of the Catholic Church. According to a spokeswoman for the group, “the Catholic Church is influencing legislation to punish abortion without taking in account the exceptions to the punishment of excommunication that Canon 1323 dictates.” Canon 1323 says women under 16 who have an abortion will not be excommunicated if they acted due to physical force nor will they face punishment if they were “coerced by grave fear” of if they “lack the use of reason.”

At the heart of their views is a belief “the church needs to recognize there are different visions and that the faithful have other visions.” There is no question abortion rights have not impacted Mexico in the same manner as it has in European Catholic nations or in the United States. Perhaps, the world has reached a point where alternative visions might contain a future vision.