Caution Is Bravery This Time!

I gather that Senator John McCain and Fox News are furious at lack of bombs being dropped on militants in Iraq. They want action. Of course, the last time America, under leadership of George Bush, the man who lied his way through the entire Iraq war, decided it was time to bomb, the end result was a great American “victory.” An evil dictator was driven from power,and a few evil dictators took his place. The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant is working its way toward Baghdad, and finally some Iraq soldiers are firing their weapons rather than flinging away their clothes. Fortunately, for Iraq about 2,000 Iranian soldiers are now in the country to defend Shiites against Sunnis. British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that his nation will reopen their Embassy in Tehran. He is scared because he believes ISIS is “the biggest threat to national security that exists today.”

So, Obama waits and watches. If US planes go into action then Prime Minister Nouri Maliki must also go into action. He must form a coalition government with Sunnis, he must release from jail Sunni leaders, and he must promise to step down as prime minister within a year. Iraq needs a new government if the threat is to be defeated.