Cease Fire In Gaza?

The struggle to establish a modicum of peace in Gaza continued as there were hopeful signs Israel was prepared to accept the cease fire agreement hammered out by Egypt with Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza. Reports indicate Israel will give an “unofficial” acceptance of the agreement only after Palestinian factions announce they will accept the deal. In additiona, Israel will open border crossings to Gsaza and allow the transfer of commericial shipments, medicine and fuel. On Sunday, Hamas warned of “unprecedented escalaltion” against Israel if it did not agree to a cease fire.

A cease fire is just that– a temporary halt to fighting. Hopefully, Egypt can reach out to Turkey which has the confidence of Israel, and initiate a process of peace in the Middle East. It is best to keep Condi Rice and the Bush administration out of peace negotiations since they have lost the confidence of Arab nations as being neutral mediators. it is time for a fresh beginning that is apart from any American involvement.