Cease Or-Uganda To S.Sudan!

This may come as a shock to American leaders, but there are leaders in Africa who are tired of conflict and destruction and intend to do something about it. Recent developments in South Sudan which have plunged the new nation into old concerns about power and war and death have shaken leaders of east African nations. President Museveni has threatened President Riek Machar of South Sudan that if he does not halt and desist his warlike stand then his power will be challenged. He was given four days to respond to a call to negotiate, and “if he doesn’t we shall go for him, all us.” The “us” refers to leaders of nations like Kenya and Ethiopia and Uganda which have well organized armies. These nations have come to realize that a war in a neighboring country eventually impacts their own nations as rebel forces cross over into other nations and cause havoc.

Machar is attempting to organize Nuer tribe youth to fight for him. In the past, these Nuer youth dust their bodies with white dust and engage in murder, rape and mayhem upon innocent villagers. If those villagers are attacked it means they head for other nations, and THAT impacts east Africa.