Celibacy And Human Rights

Among the saddest stories one encounters are tales of those in the Catholic Church who encounter examples of sexual abuse. A recent story from Australia describes the ongoing  rape of a now senior Anglican cleric during his formative years as a trainee Catholic priest. Current Archbishop John Hepworth left the Catholic Church after being continually sexually abused and became an Anglican. Monsignor David Clappo now faces charges he prevented investigation of this  rape charges. Actually, Hepworth insists at least three priests used him  for sexual purposes.

There is nothing unusual about such charges which only serve to raise questions about the theory of a celibate priesthood. Cappo continues to insist he acted with “proper and due diligence” but someone was raped and no one has been disciplined for this abuse. It is time for the Catholic Church to end the 1,000 year experiment with a celibate priesthood.