Cell Phones And Freedom?

The advent of automobiles at the beginning of the twentieth century was among the most liberating events for young people in the world. They could hop into a car, drive miles away from parents and engage in love making. Today, cell phones have taken over that sense of freedom. Any teen age boy or girl can get access to a cell phone, find a place of quiet and engage in verbal–and visual-forms of love making. For the first time in thousands of years women have the freedom to wander the world without being controlled by their family or husband. This new form of freedom has not been met with happiness by many Orthodox Muslim families. In Pakistan a girl was discovered by her father talking on the phone with a boy and he could hear her cries of horror as dad strangled the teenager.

For many in rural areas of Asia and Africa the arrival of cell phones has resulted in disruption of life. Parents realize they are  losing control of their children to the freedom of cell phones. Naturally, in most Muslim nations boys get this freedom while girls must secretly obtain the right to speak freely.