Censored Courts

As an American I was educated to believe the Constitution of my nation allowedd freedom of speech and the right to a fair trial. A group of Muslim “terrorists”-at least the US government believes they are terrorists, is on trial  at Guantanamo  Bay. Judge James Pohl became furious when he discovered there was a “security officer” in the courtroom who has two switches, “stop” and “go.” He can use them to censor information in the courtroom from leaving on ground that information poses a threat to the national security of the USA. He is curently using this power to decide what is allowed on the record in a pre-trial hearing. Judge Pohl ordered him to halt.

Imagine a judge in a courtroom where what he says is not recorded because someone else -who is not a judge- decides what can be on the record and what cannot be?? Oh, trial lawyers insist their conversations with clients are being recorded. I forgot , a lawyer may be a suicide bomber and receives instructions from one of the defendants.

Such is America under the presidency of Barack Obama, a former college professor who  taught Constitutional law!