Central African Republic-Where Is It?

There is a country in Africa whose name is the Central African Republic, and it lies someplace in the continent. Frankly, few, if any people know where it is other than the people who have the misfortune to reside in this hell hole. A majority of people in the country are of the Christian faith, but there are sufficient Muslims around so both sides can spend their days engaged in killing, fighting, rapping and taking some time off in order to enter a church or mosque for a few moments of peace.The head of the country grabbed some suitcases, hopped on his plane and disappeared before they could chop off his head. For most people, days are spent dodging bullets or swords or being raped and beaten. A favorite game in the CAR is to tie up someone, take his to a bridge, and toss the body into a river loaded with crocodiles. The object of this game is to determine how quickly the croc gets his daily meal. OH, there is some group with the name of “Seleka”which consists of soldiers, gangsters and criminals from other countries. They simply divide up whatever is still in one piece and argue as to which monster gets the right today to do the killing.

I posed the question as to the location of the CAR. Perhaps, a better question is why this entity continues to exist or for whom does it exist? There are times to cease allowing a nation to remain a nation and turn it over to the UN for safe keeping anything that still can be kept safe.