CEOs Only Make A Few Million!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, but our gallant CEOs who lead American corporations continue working diligently to ensure the people of this fair land allow them to make a few million bucks. As any intelligent person knows, Jesus was a corporate executive who preached the doctrine of making money. He even said that wealthy people were the blessed ones of God and would be welcomed with open arms by the Big Guy in the sky who needs a loan real quick. A recent study by the Guardian newspaper once again smeared the good name of corporate executives.

A study by the  Guardian reveals that America’s leading CEOs witnessed a rise in pay during 2010 of about 40%. OK, so the average pay of middle class workers went down, but then again, they don’t have the brains of a CEO. OK, so the top 10 CEOs earned about $770 million, but does anyone care that they work hard? Those who decry growing wealth of the wealthy should always remember that if our rich make more money they can hire more maids and butlers. If they make money, then more yachts are sold creating jobs for those who make yachts!

We fail to remember that millionaires and  billionaires are helping to create jobs in prisons since more poor people commit crimes. God bless our beloved millionaires because theirs is the kingdom of Hell!