CEOs Plead Poverty

I realize that the Socialist Democratic party has waged a non-stop war against our  beloved job creators because they hate any executive who wants to make America enjoy the free enterprise system. Instead, executives are forced to dwell in a land in which hatred of those who make money is fostered by the Obama administration. Latest figures concerning CEO pay prove the Democratic party wants to destroy the American economy.

US Chief CEOs ONLY received raises of about 15%! Their average pay in 2011 was ONLY $5.8 million! How in God’s name can an executive get along on ONLY five million? This is analogous to the North Korean government which sends people to gulags. Obama is waging war against those who create and wants to take their money and distribute it to welfare cheats and drug addicts. OK, so CEO folk gave out 3.2% raises at a time when inflation was 2.7%. But, this means they gave at least a ONE PERCENT RAISE of THEIR MONEY to those who work for them!

Obama wants to destroy free enterprise and the first step is driving CEOs to poverty. First they came for the CEO, then they came for the Wall Street brokers,and then they came FOR YOU!