Chad Fighting — A Fall Out From Darfur Tragedy

Observers found charred bodies and burn-out trucks lying on the blackened grass of a a valley in eastern chad as sad reminders of the war now raging in the nation. Chad’s army claims it has finally pushed rebels fighting against the regime of President Idriss Deby Itno’s government across the border into the Sudan where they have bases. General Itnok, Chad’s commandeer in chief of the armed forces, pointed to ruined buildings as proof that his troops were victorious in the fighting. Warfare resumed after the collapse on October 25th of a peace accord and now there are three rebel factions fighting against the government. A UN force of about 3,700 soldiers is shortly expected to arrive in order to maintain order and protect humanitarian groups who are trying to feed those caught in this tragic event.

The war in Chad is partially a result of the tragedy in Darfur. The government of the Sudan has unleashed murderous thugs to harass and kill people in the Sudan which, in turn, has opened the door for other irregular forces to appear on the scene. Rebels utilize bases in the Sudan to cross the border into Chad and create disruption and chaos. The inability of the UN or of the African Union to provide an effective fighting force that could crush such military ventures is producing a humanitarian crisis in Africa as thousands again are being uprooted and forced to flee to the safety of Un refugee camps. There is little doubt of an African need for an international army that could enforce peace in many parts of the continent in which violence runs wild.