Chairman Dennis Words Of Wisdom

I realize there are people in the United States of America who harbor negative attitudes toward the nation of North Korea which is led by our Beloved Leader, Kim Jong-un. Fortunately, one American has refused to be taken in by CIA propaganda which depicts our Beloved Leader as some sort of tyrant. Former NBA star, and still a star in our hearts and minds, told CNN that he wants to help Kenneth Bae, an American who went to North Korea and was arrested and thrown in jail for possessing “inflammatory” documents and thus could not be allowed to wander the streets. According to Dennis, “I feel for him deeply…this is Dennis Rodman talking– if they say, we’ll take Dennis Rodman and let Kenneth Bae go, straightaway take me.”

He is confused as to why anyone regards Kim Jong-un as some sort of dictator or monster. “I don’t know him as a dictator… I call him a kid all the time.”

We share with you words of wisdom from Dennis Rodman:

1. Adolph, oh you mean the painter from Vienna, nice guy, draws neat pictures.

2. Joseph, of you mean the guy from Moscow, he loves basketball and really knows how to drive hard to the basket. If I was you, keep out of his way when he dribbles!

3. Ted Cruz, now there is a guy who just loves black folk. Strum your guitar and do some steps, he will love you dearly.

Oops, just got a call from a guy named Vladimir who is in Russia. He wants me to show him a few ways to get the ball in the basket. Oh, he said don’t bring any gay guys with me.