Chairman Donald Speaks -Again

If there is one person I do understand in this world it is Donald Sterling. He boasts of being a nice Jewish man, heck, he even claims to pray for the soul of Magic Johnson. I was raised with men like Donald Sterling in a Jewish ghetto. Mr. Sterling is a natural born bigot who believes there are superior and inferior races in the world. In my youth, men like Sterling spoke with disdain about the “schvartzes”–black people. Although Jews confronted bigotry, prejudice and hatred in American society, hating blacks gave the Donald Sterlings of this world a sense of power and entitlement. Regardless of how much prejudice they encountered, it was nice to know YOU could look down on someone else!

Donald Sterling is like Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld. Men seeking power, not to improve the lives of humans, but to impose their power on those without any other than maintaining their own dignity as humans. These men wallow in self pity, they insist THEY are the VICTIMS, not those they victimize. Donald told the media he wants to keep the team. He insisted that players would not boycott playing if he returned to ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers. “That’s talk the media preaches. Why would they do that? If they get their salaries, they are going to play.”

Donald, you forget that Jewish workers in the Depression gave up their meager salaries to go on strike with fellow Italian and Irish workers, because the boss had to be challenged into paying decent salaries. Mr. Sterling, you do not have the faintest idea what it means to be a Jew!