Chairman Mitt On Vladimir Putin

Mitt Romney ran for president and Mitt Romney lost the contest. I assume that qualifies him to be an expert on world affairs. In a television interview Mr. Romney provided his interpretation regarding world leaders. It is his conclusion that Russia pseudo dictator, Vladmir Putin is among the most successful figures in the world. “I think most observers of the international political scene suggest that Russia has elevated itself in stature and America has been diminished.” Putin has out performed President Obama”time and time again on the world stage.” `This is a rather interesting interpretation of what is occurring on t he world political scene. OK, Mitt, let’s examine the record:

1. There are riots and virtual civil war in the Ukraine because Putin pressured Ukrainian President Yanukovych to reject the European Union.
2. Over 100,000 people in Syria have been murdered and two million are refugees due to arms supplied President Assad by Mr. Putin.
3. Putin’s anti gay and lesbian policies have made him the object of ridicule throughout the world.
4. Putin’s policies in the Caucasus have created havoc and created thousands of terrorists who now impact nations in the world.
5. Many athletes attending the winter Olympic games are terrified for their lives due to Putin actions.

Who exactly holds Vladimir Putin in “high stature?” Oh, Assad in Syria and the Iranian government of former President Ahmadinejad. Leaders in the European Union hold him in contempt!

Yes, President Obama has committed blunders. But, then again, he did end the war in Iraq and is attempting to get American soldiers out of Afghanistan. Mitt, they were there due to actions by former President Bush who made America an object of ridicule in the world.

I assume if Mitt was alive in the 1930s he would regard Adolf Hitler as possessing “stature” in the world.