Challenging Vladimir Putin?

In that nation known to the world as Putinland, among the great sin is to actually  tell the Wise Leader that he can not do what he desires. After all, if it is t he land of Putin then only the Wise Leader knows what is best. For some reason, the Constitutional Court ruled that Russian citizens had the righ to appeal election results directly! Really, if individual citizens can challenge election results how can Putin folk organize the process of an election in which all know the results prior to the election? Valery Zorkin, chair of the Constitutional Court argued the ridiculous idea that “the act of voting isn’t just about private political interests, it also embodies the principles of democracy.”

This is a rather bizarre idea-an election is based on democracy? Seriously, are not elections in Russia based on what the Wise Leader has decided? Once people are allowed to decide the outcome of an election, peace, prosperity and happiness ends in the beloved land of Vladimir Putin!!