Chancellor Merekel To Seek Missile Shield Plan

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is seeking to offer a plan that entails creating a missile shield for Europe in order to offer protection against an attack by some unknown enemy. Her plan seeks protection against a nuclear attack and also calls for German armed forces to be free to engage in more extended military operations. Merkel wants to copy American ideas by establishing a National Security Coucil that would be located in the office of the Chancellor and obviously report to that office. This would result in greater power flowing into the office of the Chancellor than has previously been the norm. A Merkel policy paper that was examined by reporters for Der Spiegel argues that international terrorism is the greatest danger to Germany and its armed forces should be ready to handle internal problems created by terrorism erupting within its own borders.

Opposition parties regard Merkel’s ideas as seeking to direct power into the office of the chancellery and thus dilute power of parliament in areas of military concern. There is also fear the new plan would result in more extended and extensive military operations on the part of the German armed forces.

Gudo Westerwelle, leadr of the Free Democratic Paty said: “We are very alarmed bbecause we fear that the axis of our foreign policy is being shifted massively. What could be most dangerous is if this is perparing the way for regular deployment of the German military on domestic soil.”

For some reason, Chancellor Merkel actually believes Bush ideas on foreign policy are applicable to other parts of the world.