Changing Stories Of Bhutto Death

Pakistan security officials investigating the death of Benazir Bhutto have concluded she was killed by a single assassin who had a gun and a bomb. They believe he fired three shots and then blew himself up in order to kill the PPP leader. Plastic surgeon have reconstructed the face of the bomber and it is being circulated throughout the nation. A police officer has now stated he saw the man raise his arm, but got there to late to prevent the explosion. President Musharraf has now admitted his agreement with the new interpretation of the death.

The United States still insists that Musharraf must be supported and the best way to achieve that purpose is by encouraging an alliance between the Bhutto’s Pakistan Peoples Party and Musharraf. However, all indications are that PPP leaders are leaning toward an alliance with former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. IN the topsy turvy world of Pakistan politics there is little hope America’s coalition will emerge. We are left with a Musharraf standing alone and not allied with the opposition.