Chaos Accelerates In Somalia

The situation in Somalia continues its rapid decline into even more chaos than previously has been characteristic of this nation. The United Nations estimates about 1,000,000 people are now refugees in their own land and at least 200,000 have fled the capital of Mogadishu in the past two weeks. Several months ago, an Ethiopian invasion urged on by President Bush led to the overthrow of an Islamic fundamentalist government and the creation of an interim Muslim government lacking power or authority. The UN Commissioner For Refugees(UNHCR) describes “Families continue to lack proper shelter and consistently resort to using any material– including plastic bags– to patch up their tukuls–flimsy dome-shaped shelters.” The UN authorized a force of 8,000 soldiers to assist in the area but only 1,600 Ugandans are in Somalia.

George Bush is convinced that any type of Muslim government ruled by Islamic fundamentalist must, by definition, be a terrorist organization. He encouraged Ethiopia, a basically Christian nation, to overthrow a Muslim government and the result is even more chaos. Unfortunately, President Bush can not impose his will on people who detest his world perspective. Perhaps, America must, at times, accept the presence of a Muslim government that does not meet its standards because the alternative is chaos in the lives of millions of innocent people.