Chaos Grows In Pakistan And Afghanistan

The evil men do lives after them and there is no better example than the botched American operation in Afghanistan by former President George Bush which has left chaos in its wake. If the dynamic trio of Bush/|Cheney/Rumsfeld in 2001 had focused on developing economic programs of development and creating a modern Afghan army the Taliban never would have been restored to power. Islamist militants blew up another bridge in northwest Pakistan which created disruption of supplies to coalition forces in Afghanistan. Violence daily expands in Afghanistan as Taliban attacks grow bolder by the day. American and Coalition forces resort to air attacks due to lack of sufficient land forces which only results in dead civilians and new recruits for insurgent forces.

The Swat valley in Pakistan used to be a place where tourists spent peaceful days in relaxation but today it is the site of violence and al-Qaeda rule which has resulted in the destruction of dozens of schools for girls and people compelled to live in fear of the fundamentalist Islamic rulers of the area.

What exactly did George Bush mean by ‘Mission Accomplished?”