Chaos In Somalia

As I recall, both President George Bush and President Barack Obama promised the American people that they would kill Osama bin Laden and then peace and joy would prevail in the world. Well, President Obama did kill Osama bin Laden, and there was much joy in the land. However, that part about peace seems not to have been achieved. The Obama theory that killing al-Qaeda leadership would lead to collapse has proved the opposite in Somalia. A branch of al-Qaeda has emerged in that poor war torn land. Aal Shabab carried out a raid on the residence of the president of Somalia. Two suicide cars crashed into the presidential residence, and following them came armed men who blasted away at troops guarding the residence in Mogladishu.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is apparently safe, the suicide group apparently is defeated and things will return to the normal chaos that prevails in the capital. That part about killing militant leaders in order to reduce terror apparently has led to the opposite result. Two months ago an American drone killed a Taliban leader in Pakistan who already had agreed to peace talks with the government and he was replaced by another leader who opposes peace negotiations.

When will Obama learn that guerrilla wars are NOT won by killing leaders!!