Charity In Speech, Money In Reality!

Great Britain is launching over the coming several years, a large effort to assist poorer nations in their work to deal with climate change. Nearly $2 Billion will be given out to countries experiencing severe droughts, storms and rising sea levels. These nations assumed the money was a grant, but they apparently did not look closely at the small prnt which indicated the recipient of the money would have to repay it with interest. The money will be administrated by the World Bank as part of its efforts to provide loans to those experiencing economic hardships. A letter uncovered by the Manchester Guardian revealed the British government said its money “will ned to be primariy concessional loans” although it urged other EU members to provide grants. The United States most often focuses on grants rather than loans.

Nations in need of economic assistance to cope with environmental change are horrified that Britain would insist on repayment. The issue is how to persuade nations in the world to halt environmental disaster and offering grants makes more sense if that is the goal. Most of the nations in need of this money are already poor and unable to expend large amounts of money on issues pertaining to climate change.

The major economic powers of the world are most responsible for the growing ecological crisis which is impacting the world. It is somewhat ironic they now insist those nations suffering because of their actions be compelled to pay for the sins of the economic leaders.