Charles Taylor-War Criminal

Charles Taylor is a war criminal, there is no dispute on this point. He organized the process of seizing children, getting them hopped up on drugs, sending them into battle with the belief no bullet could harm them, and Mr. Taylor made certain that young girls wound up as sex slaves. He was behind the notorious process of having children chop off the arms of their enemies. Mr.Taylor was found guilty of war crimes but the court in Sierra Leone was not able to prove that he actually ordered this atrocities. If not him, who–the tooth fairy!!

The most fascinating aspect of this case which witnessed the first head of state since the Nuremburg Trials after WWII to be found  guilty of something. The other fascinating aspect of this case is why thousands in his native Liberia still regard this thug and monster as a hero? Who knows what emotions linger in human minds, I guess only the Shadow knows.