Charlie Cut Down By TV

I thought one lived in a free country in which a man could speak his mind but Warner Brothers has proved me wrong. They reduced the cast of “Two And A Half Men” to “One And A Half Man” by firing a nice quiet individual who simply enjoys expressing views on life, women and the world. An eleven page letter form Warner Brothers depicted Charlie Sheen as being on drugs, missing rehearsals and involved in felony offenses such as use of drugs and giving them to others. The letter told his agent, “your client has been engaged in dangerously self-destructive conduct and appears to be very ill.” Charlie made certain to let Warner Brothers know they are “trolls” and an assortment of words beginning with a big F. His lawyer, Marty Singer made clear: “We will sue. It’s not a matter of when, it could be this week” or it could be next year.

Charlie Sheen is a keen man who knows more about partying and F—g than anyone at that studio. Since when has it become a crime to be a first class schmuck? I think they are just jealous about a man who speaks about life and F—-g. Charlie, when they say you will go quietly, say it ain’t so, Charllie!!