Charter School Myths

Bill deBlasio who is running for mayor of New York City has aroused some folk because he does not believe in charter schools. Ms.Eva Moskowitz is a great supporter of Charter Schools and feels responsible for their continued existence.She has organized a rally for charter schools and students from these places are being driven to the rally so they can learn the first lesson of democracy. In a democracy,when your vested interest is threatened then use your power to protect your vested interests. Evidence concerning the success or failure of Charter Schools is very mixed.Some work, some do not. Most accomplish the same results as most schools. The problem that schools do not address is whether what we teach in a 21st century school is consistent with life in this century.

Charter Schools as do regular schools pump the minds of children with information. Of course,within a few years that information is outdated. We need to teach children how to think,not how to accumulate information.