Chavez Discovers Coup Plan – When Doesn’t He?

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has been claiming for years that right wing officers in the military are working with the CIA in order to plot an overthrow of his regime. Yesterday, he announced that “various” suspects were detained and accused them of trying to assassinate him with tacit backing from political opponents and the United States. He blamed a group of officers who in 2002 tried a coup to once again team up with American agents in an effort to take over the government and destroy his “Bolivarian revolution.” The president charged an admiral and several retired officers were involved in planning the coup.

According to Chavez, the plotters were seeking ground-to-air missiles in order to blow up the presidential plane or bomb the presidential palace. He also blamed the right wing press for aiding such efforts. Of course, Chavez has been trying for years to silence any newspaper or television station from offering an independent view of life in Venezuela. In a sense, he is like the boy who cried “wolf” and if there really is a planned coup, it is hard to believe anything he claims at this point in time.