Chavez– It’s Revolution Time!

Hugo Chavez won a tight race to have the constitution changed in order to allow him to run for the presidency for as long as he lives, and the egotistical leader of Venezuela said that might last until 2049 when he will be 95. The Supreme Leader announced to cheering crowds that those who voted, ‘yes’ “voted for socialism, for revolution.” His margin of victory undoubtedly was based on persuading millions of government workers to vote for him and keep their jobs as well as community organizers who can get out the vote by promising to take the wealth of those on top and redistribute it to the poor. “In 2012, there will be presidential elections,” he told his followers, “and unless God decides otherwise, unless the people decide otherwise, this soldier is already a candidate.”

The road to the future is getting clearer in Venezuela. Chavez will pursue what he terms to be “socialism” but which is in reality, maintaining his power and those of his fellow members of the clique seeking to control the nation’s wealth. A generation of educated young Venezuelans will leave the nation and deprive it of intelligent leadership and those who can generate new wealth for the economy. The Chavez rule depends on oil and if other alternative sources are discovered, Venezuela is headed for a massive bankruptcy.

Those who voted from a sense of emotion will experience in the years to come the pang of asking, “why did I vote for this clown?”