Chavezland Is True Socialist Paradise!

President Hugo Chavez assumed office back in 1998 when kidnappings in Venezuela rarely exceeded over 50 a year. After a decade of rule by the man who believes HIS form of socialism best brings prosperity to the poor, the number of kidnappings has risen to over 800. Hugo believes the rights of criminals must not be abused in a true Socialist paradise. After all, if some become wealthy they have an obligation to share their money with those less fortunate. And, if some poor boy becomes a baseball star, it is his duty to share money earned with local bums and criminals.

Wilson Ramos, a catcher with the Washington Nationals returned home after the season ended. He was at home with family when four thugs entered, and took him away. Most Venezuelan baseball players have a few body guards, but apparently Wilson thought he was safe. In Hugo land, one is kidnapped, ones family pays ransom, and –hopefully– the body is returned–alive.

A few players asked the Venezuela Baseball League to halt its season. Jorge Grasso, head of he league denied the request because it was “an isolated incident.” No better words could be spoken by Hugo himself.