Chechnya Chases Islamic Militants

It was a pleasant fall day in Grozny, capital of Chechnya and things were going along smoothly, police beating up young Islamic boys, a few older men were having their heads shoved under water in the local jail, and a band of Islamic militants were preparing to sacrifice their lives in the name of Allah. I must confess to wondering why Allah is so intent on having young men and women blow themselves up because if they die, who is left to chant praise to Allah. The young militants walked slowly toward the building in which parliament meets, one reached the front entrance, reached underneath his coat, pulled on a string, and within moments parts of his body were flying all over the place. His friends charged through the gate shouting, Allahu akban-God is Great and fired their weapons. Bodies began to crumple to the ground, soldiers opened up with machine guns, cries, angry shouts, and within a few moments, the young men were dead or wounded. Either their shouts to Allah never were heard or it is even becoming boring in Heaven listening to young men and women shout their love for death.

The regime of Ramzan Kadyrov is heavy handed and prefers beatings, torture and violence towards its own people rather than solicit their ideas or allow them any freedom of speech, let alone religion. Each night a few dead bodies shows up, most probably the result of police torture and murder, but, after all, those deaths are merely needed in order to control Islamic youth.

Has anyone thought of developing a basketball league and allowing young boys to shoot baskets rather than themselves?