Check Bras To Protect America!

The so-called “war on drugs” is now preparing to enter its next hundred years of futility, but the beat goes on and the search for drugs goes on and on. A young high school student in the state of North Carolina, was forced to go through a metal detector and then all the girls were called in singly by school officials who then demanded each pull their bra away from the body in order to search for illegal drugs. A girl has sued on grounds such searches violate human rights.

Her lawyer, Geete Kapur, argues “it is unconstitutional for our daughters to be treated this way by school officials or North Carolina.” As I recall, the fair state of North  Carolina is always complaining when the federal government wants to establish standards for health and welfare issues. Republican leaders of this state demand an end to government employees intruding into the private lives of people. I guess pulling on bras is not intervening in the lives of people.

Oh, boys at the school were not compelled to do anything during this drug search.