Checkpoint To Death

It was just another day inAfghanistan. Some American soldiers were stationed at a checkpoint along with some of their Afghan “allies.” A man approached the checkpoint, hesitated for a second and then rapidly came toward the soldiers. Most probably the  American soldiers had a split second to avert what they knew was coming. There was an explosion, bodies were flung into the air, screams of children could be heard as their bodies thumped to the ground. Sirens blasted, trucks and ambulances dashed to the scene. Bodies were placed on stretchers while body parts were loaded into a trunk. A Taliban suicide bomber had let go with his belt of explosives and three American soldiers were dead and at least twenty Afghan civilians along with them.

Last year the devout Muslims who comprise the Taliban killed at least 3,000 civilians–undoubtedly in the name of Allah. Several months ago some US soldiers inadvertently burned some Korans. This led to an explosion of anger and demonstrations. I know for certainty no Afghan crowd will gather to mourn the death of these civilians.